Peca won the dramAcum prize (the Romanian award for best new playwright) in 2002. His education includes New York University and he was one of the Royal Court International Playwriting Residents in 2005. Currently, he has productions of 5 of his plays in Bucharest, Romania: The Sunshine Play, New York [Fuckin’ City], Bucharest Calling (MONDAY Theatre @ Green Hours), I HTE HELEN (ArCub), Station (Comedy Theatre), Colors (Small Theatre). His play Romania 21 is currently in production at the National Theatre in Timişoara.

His plays have been translated into English (The Sunshine Play, Bucharest Calling, Colors, Romania 21, The Complete Truth About the Life and Death of Kurt Cobain, New York [Fuckin’ City], I HTE HELEN), French (U.F.), German (Romania 21, Nils’ fucked-up Day, Jazz), Turkish (Romania 21), and Italian (The Sunshine Play). His work has been presented in New York (The Lark Theatre, New York University), London (as part of the Royal Court International Residency), Dublin (Dublin Fringe Festival), Berlin (Schaubuehne Theatre), Wiesbaden (New Plays From Europe Biennale), Graz and Leeds (JANUS project), France (Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Avignon), Sankt Petersburg (RAINBOW Festival), Rome (Teatro Valle) and in many national festivals in Romania.

Peca Stefan is the founding member of the BLA Theatre Company and has started the Scrie o piesă programme for high school playwriting. He is currently the executive producer of the one hour drama TV series California (Media PRO Studios, Romania).

Info: His real name is Stefan Peca, but the way he signs his works is Peca Stefan.