This is a great little play that deserves to be sold out for the rest of its run.”
The Irish Theatre Magazine

“This play is a welcome delight.”
The Irish Times

“The Sunshine Play is about disaffected people yearning for romance, honesty, success—just like any romantic comedy—and it shows us a perspective on Eastern Europe that we rarely get to see.”

“This gentle depiction of romantic innocence is one of the few shows that validate the Fringe's international label.”

“A welcome import from Romania.”
Back Stage

“Remember the Act II opening from The Fantasticks, "That Plum Is Too Ripe"? Well, that's The Sunshine Play, an overt physical comedy that hides the cynicism underneath.”
New Theatre Corps


The Sunshine PlayBucharest Calling



“Bucharest Calling” reminds us that the Fringe is international in its scope.”
The New York Times

“A fully realized staging of an innovative play, Bucharest Calling is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys quality Off-Off-Broadway theater.”

“Romania's MONDAY Theatre, the company responsible for Bucharest Calling, represents themselves impressively with this well-done production. I recommend paying these Eastern European visitors a call and showing them some All-American love.”

“Bucharest Calling brings a fresh, welcome voice to the festival.”
Back Stage

“In Peca Stefan's jaggedly episodic Bucharest Calling, melancholy and desperation haunt the five characters whose lives intersect with coincidences worthy of Dickens and irony that brings to mind O. Henry.”
American Theatre Web

"Bucharest Calling, at The Lafayette Street Theatre. Directed by Ana Margineanu and performed in English by five excellent Romanian actors, Peca Stefan’s political/social play is a sometimes furious indictment of national failure and a call for honesty after the fall of Communism."
The New York Observer


Institutul Cultural Roman

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